Shelf plate freezer, Semi-contact freezer

Shelf plate freezer is a generation product which replaces the traditional steel pipe shelf quick freezer, it can not only shorten the freeze time to get better freeze effect, but aslo can improve frozen operating environment and simplify the quick-freeze operation process in order to adapt to the requirements of modern man. Shelf plate freezer is the product which combine contact type freezing and air blasting tyoe, under these two types effect, large lumps or prepared food are frozen quickly one by one batch.

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Application: Refrigeration Parts
Material: Stainless Steel
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There are many kinds of structures for shelf plate freezer, such as full open structure which is easy for clean, freezing large channel structure and energy-saving push type; for refrigerating system, we can design it for ammonia system or for freon system, we can aslo design those integrated system with all kinds of refrigerating system. The same time, we advocate food processing enterprises, for our common earth, please use environmentally refrigeration as much as possible.



TSP Shelf Plate Freezer Profile Drawing



1. TSP Shelf Plate Freezer cabinet has good insulation properties ans superior rigidity. The cabinet is fully enclosed structure, there are insulation doors which can completely open on both sides, it is convenient to clean.

2. Cabinet thickness is 150mm and has good insulation properties. The insulation board is double side stainless steel and rigid polyurethane inside that can ensure sooth and on deformation during working.

3. Cabinet frame is made of high quality welded steel and hot air spraying, no deformation and high corrosion resistance.

4. Shelf plate is made of special aluminum alloy, the upper surface is plane, and lower surface is sylphon bellows plane, this can increase the contact and evaporating surface so that improve the efficiency of heat transfer.

5. System process: single plate supply liquid and return air, so it has a short process, small resistance, high efficiency and quick defrosting.


TSPC Channel type Shelf Plate Freezer



1. Channel type Shelf Plate Freezer is more similar with traditional steel shelf quick freezer, shelf plates are arranged on both sides, and middle is the channel for product inlet and outlet.

2. The cabinet of channel type shelf plate freezer should construct on-site, the 110mm thickness double side stainless steel boards which are made in the factory are transported to installation site, spliced into hexahedral structure.

3. There are two type air distribution of shelf plate freezer, one is top suction and the other is side blowing, the two ways can both achieve uniform air distribution; there can be equipped with air cooler to speed up the freezing rate.


TSR Series Shelf Plate Freezer with Refrigeration Unit Profile Drawing


The two series shelf palte freezer can be also made with freon refrigeration system, clients only need connect the electricity and cooling water, the equipment will work.

Refrigeration part, the main machine is made of Germany Bitzer, plus auxiliary equipment and valves automation components, protective equipment and so on, connected to a refrigeration system with a high degree of automation.



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