Contact plate freezer

Horizontal Plate Freezer makes the product into pieces, which is an economic and high efficient freezing method. It can adjust the distance of plates and compaction grade base on product. It suits for packed fish, shrimp, seashell, meat, and mixed food; vegetable, fruit, boxed cooked food; any bag or tray packed cake and easy molding products.

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Application: seafood and meat
Material: Stainless Steel
Freezer type: Contact plate freezer
Voltage: 220V/380V
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1)Hydraulic contact plate freezer can quickly freeze products by moving up and down the inside aluminum plates.

2)Products contact with two plates and realize heat exchange.

3)Refrigeration system can be equipped as per different requirements of users.

4)It is suitable for freezing food in block on land or fishing vessel,Such as fish fillet,surimi,shrimp,shellfish,etc.


contact plate freezer




Plate freezer adopts double-faced quick freezing way. It is the method which can load food in the metal mold, with the top and bottom metal plate which use as a evaporator clamping upon it and passes over the refrigeration working substance directly to transmit cold to product. Because the conductivity of metal is ten times higher than air, so it can make product’s quick-freezing. This method has characteristics as below:

Short freezing time and high freezing quality, it is the best choice for massive food quick-freeze.

High heat exchange efficiency, quick freezing speed, the energy conservation effect is prominent.

Ensure food obtains the high quality as well as lower the cost to minimum.

The unit is high flexibility and vast range of application.

Double-contact freeze schematic drawing

Adopting AL alloy plate and using the special designed plate evaporator’s channel, the device can ensure the smooth flow of refrigeration, the same and consistent temperature on the plate surface and high freezing quality.


When you use the product in stipulation molding, first put the product in the horizontal multilayer evaporator, then make the product contact impinge on evaporator. The low temperature of the refrigeration circulative pass in the evaporator can transmit cold to product quickly, and get quick-freezing.








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