Fluidization Individually Quick Freezer

The fluidizing quick freezer is an important branch in the cold chain link in a quick-freeze equipment,and its the best choice for grain, slice, nubby fruit, vegetable's quick single freeze, the unique plastic office blast type and the shaker type, specially quick-freeze prepare for the tiny pellet and the thin columnar material.

Product name: Fluidization Individually Quick Freezer
Application: fruit and vegetable
Material: Stainless Steel
Refrigerant: NH3 or R22
Freezer Type: Quicky Freeze Machine
Freezing time: Adjusted
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1)Fluidization freezer freezes products by vibration and air pressure which make products float on the stainless steel belt and avoid sticking.

2)It is suitable for freezing vegetables,fruits,flake and granular products,etc.freezing capacity is between 500kg/h and 5000kg/h.









1. In view of granulated ,the massive food quick-freeze studies development the fluidization technology ,unifies the hydrodynamics and heat transfer theory ,take obtains the best freeze quality and the high effeciency as the goal ,becomes the best choice for the single quick freezing of product .
2.The basis of “fluidization “lies in the solid particle the air current function,its movement shape turns the similar fluid .in the movement by quick frozen ,as a result of intense cooling blast and the food pellet function fully ,heat transfer in food is rapid and raises the heat transfer efficiency greatly ,the air flow also blows off food fully and obtains the quick -freeze effect .



1)SS centrifugal fans ensure the air volumn and air pressure.

2)Large area aluminum alloy evaporator,adjustable fin pitch,prolong defrosting time.

3)The inlet frame is equipped with washing and drying device.

4)Automatical control system.Stepless speed adjustment by inventer.

5)All inside spare parts are stainless steel materials and good for cleaning and maintaining.


Fluidizing quick outline dimension chart





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