Overseas Refrigeration Exhibition

Overseas Refrigeration Exhibition

Our company participated in refrigeration exhibitions in various countries to promote and publicize our high-quality products to the world in this way.

OCEAN BLUE defines the customer orientation not only in technical and commercial service and support, but rather in a flexible and specific assortment of products and with it linked availability of accessories and spare parts. Our high-quality, cost-effective products have also been recognized by customers, and we have established long-term friendly relations of cooperation with customers in various countries around the world.


Japan Refrigeration Exhibition



Indian Refrigeration Exhibition

Indian efrigeration-exhibition


Indonesia Refrigeration Exhibition

Indonesia refrigeration-exhibition


Philippine Refrigeration Exhibition




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We are a consulting and engineering company with main business line of Industry Refrigeration products.

Ocean Blue is an energetic runner in market of Industrial Refrigeration, Freezing, and Cold Storage...


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